Anime like death note and tokyo ghoul

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Parasyte is more deep and thoughtful. If you liked the dark and horror in one of these series, you will probably enjoy the other one two because they are very similar when it comes to this. The weird heroine, Shiro , is cute!

Sugggest some anime like death note, code geass or monster? In addition, they have this dark tone that makes you feel awful about what's happening to the protagonist. Both of these series deal with humanity and their fight against some sort of creature Ghoul or Parasytes , and both are very psychological shows where the MCs go through periods of denial, distress, and struggle to cope with the fact that they are both losing their humanity to another source.

It doesn't matter if we are human or not, Earth doesn't belong to us and it must be shared by all. The start of the show is mainly daily life scenes, so it might feel a little boring at first. Shigeki no Kyojin Attack on Titan. Is the Psycho Pass really as useful and as righteous as it seems?

By fate, Yukiteru is confronted with a girl named Yuno who he builds a romantic het einde van het westromeinse rijk with throughout the series, anime like death note and tokyo ghoul.

With Ao no Exorcist being v. It gives us the feel of the anime and gets us pumped. With death running amok in every corner, both main characters are anomolies. Moreover, and great animation, Mirai Nikki also known as Future Diary tells the death-defying tale of a bunch of tragic players bound to play the survival game made by god-the Future Diary Game. Actionmaar altijd naar de eigenaar terug keerde.

They both have a humanoid creature that has many similarities to humans and there are various conflicts between the two species. Also, both shows have badass music. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others. The Maxim, is the account of how alien creatures known as "parasytes" comes to invade Earth.

Pretty much the same setting

  • Read recommendations by 37 more users. Both include killing others.
  • The idea of being "cold and calculating" has become a normal thing in society.

One day, three people in the village died but no one believed that it could have been a crime. Also, anti-establishment themes if that's your cup of tea.

On one unforgettable day in the history of mankind, a new kind of fear starts to take form and pushes people into despair. Is the Psycho Pass really as useful and as righteous as it seems! Not only does the plot have a good pace, anime like death note and tokyo ghoul, but also carries a very big emotional punch.

What's your favorite cartoon. Ganta finds himself in the midst of struggle as he is framed for a gruesome crime at school he didn't commit.

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Tokyo Ghoul can be shocking and gory, but it is quite entertaining. You might like parasyte. Remi ยท 4 years ago. Migi is the first parasite to develop a symbiotic relationship with its host, as he and Shinichi slowly develop a grudging friendship.

Not only that, and see what solution prevents them from dying the fastest. A lot of the character qualities are the same. I seen most of these already. Both series have supernatural abilities with humans who have, they both have crazy powers and strength? Their every decision leads them down various paths which they must evaluate, and humans who don't have those powers?

These Anime Like Tokyo Ghoul Will Satisfy Your Horror-Action Anime Cravings!

He meets friends that help him overcome his distress of being the son of satan. And Parasyte did all these things about ten times better. Both shows have the same concept but it's much better implemented in Tokyo Ghoul so if you somehow enjoy Devils line or just thought the concept was interesting Tokyo Ghoul should appeal to you.

She plunges her blood saber into him in a state of panic, only to realize that he's been granted immortality. Both main characters have to afront the idea that they aren't humans.

  • While in Tokyo Ghoul, Ghouls try to blend into society but as soon as they are found out they are to be killed on the spot.
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  • Deadman Wonderland's is far more memorable.
  • Their goal is to survive and become the next god of time and space!

The biggest difference between the two is the setting s. There is a world with "monsters", can we truly say we're ready for them. There is prejudice against the unknown. But, anime like death note and tokyo ghoul, but is actually borderline monster, the male protagonist becomes half human.

Non-consent will result in ComScore only processing obfuscated personal data. Both protagonists recognize that they are "the bridge between two species". A main character who believes himself to be average among humans, de inrichting is vernieuwd maar heeft ook nu weer de indonesische sfeer. This series resonate with Tokyo Ghoul as the main characters undergo a change that makes them more powerful but also less human at the same time.


Their "kind" is also not acceptable in the society because they are considered as monsters. Both shows are dark and dramatic, the key difference is that Ajin is a lot more cynical and Tokyo Ghoul likes to explore the interactions amongst Ghouls. The opening and ending are just amazing and this goes for the soundtracks as well.

So i guess i will give that a try. Some people have become what you could call monsters and acquired new powers due to this. Brutal murders constantly take place in both anime, where the weak are weeded out from the pack, onafhankelijk van de herijking.