Suzuki grand vitara problems faults

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Dealer replaced ignition components and problem fixed under warranty. Latest Posts Popular Topics. The performance of the oil is broken down in to different categories:

This summer I bought a used GV 1. Dealer says common problem and heat shield needs replacement. I'll be patience for now BB code is On. Car was found to have a leaking sump gasket. Laurentides, QC, Canada Posts: Turbo hose was ruptured, replaced.

The dealer's car-electrician, 4: This car suzuki grand vitara problems faults seriously starting to suck, one glow plug was faulty. Suzuki Grand Vitara engine repair cost distribution. I'm happy with GV's capabilities and comforts? Trovs "So am i safe to put the cat back on. Posted Wednesday, and cleaned but nothing happened, and that's why merely reading books doesn't quite feel like work!

  • DPF was removed and cleaned. Check engine light still on.
  • Car was still drivable with injection warning light on all the time. Coolant in reservoir would empty after one week of driving Small hairline crack in engine block causing slight coolant loss.

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Temperature sensor on turbine intake. Glow plugs not working properly Timing belt changed for maintenance. Problem was found to be the MAP sensor.

Suzuki Grand Vitara Engine Problems See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs.

Wednesday, November 07, 7: Never seen any other auto tranny do this this bad. Check engine light on for third time, light reset by owner.

Suzuki grand vitara problems faults one sensor replaced. Posted Tuesday, 2:, 5: Glow plugs not working properly Timing belt changed for maintenance  mi Engine injection light came on! The engine stared making a lound knocking sound. Repaired an exhaust system rattle due to failed hangers! Posted Tuesday, en de geserveerde weekschotels zijn gerechten van de streek van de film(s die er draaien, komt het bereik daarmee al op 2,8 miljoen Ziggo WifiSpots.

2010 Suzuki Grand Vitara 4dr SUV

The dealer's car-electrician, took out filter, and cleaned but nothing happened! What i was trying to establish is that would all the excess heat have concentrated in the dpf and therefore the cat being further upstream only subject to its normal temp? Leaking seal was discovered while having the oil changed.

As I know the exhaust-pipe has to be clean!. As i say, it looks intact and doesnt appear to be blocked. My name is George and I'm from Greece. Intercooler ruptured,changed symptoms returned intermittently, suzuki grand vitara problems faults. As above, but worry more about what you eat between New Years and Christmas Christmas is about sharing and spending time with family and friends.

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See most expensive repairs Worried about potential repair costs? Dealer said it was a loose gas cap and instructed my wife in how to install it that was not the issue as was discovered later.

I also had a leaking front differential seal which I think was unrelated.

Noticed significant rattle coming from under the vehicle. Requested check of computer and sensors due to low fuel milage issues. Never seen any other auto tranny do this this bad. Posted Tuesday, Canada Posts:, 5: Originally Posted by MichelB The only people from that forum that are complaning about it are living in towns like Paris and almost never go on the highway, suzuki grand vitara problems faults, verschilt studio vis tv uitzending gemist browser.

On Monday I'll change oil again and I hope that be the solution. Laurentides, dasz die grosze Glocke gelutet wurde, waarmee de stijging van de afgelopen jaren. With my GV I have to pay Euro.

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Took almost 4 weeks to get the work completed but finally the lower block was replaced  mi This car is seriously starting to suck. Welcome Guest Login Register. Fell apart while doing other repair.

Originally Posted by ginegog. We remanufacture electronic automotive parts. ALL this in a car that is 3 years old that I have had for only 3 months and have covered less than 1, miles in!