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Brian negotiates with the agency to free Dominic if they can lure Braga into personally coming to exchange the heroin for cash.

Ramsey is a British computer hacker and the creator of God's Eye, a program capable of tracking a specific person through digital services and coveted by mercenary Mose Jakande. Hobbs is arrested and locked up in the same high-security prison he helped imprison Deckard Shaw in.

Kara is the leader of an all-female bodyguard team protecting a billionaire Jordanian prince. During a party at Abu Dhabi , she fights Letty one-on-one, but is knocked out long enough for Letty to escape with Roman.

Seeking to avenge his comatose brother, he meets him in London, in a secure hospital. Clay is portrayed by Zachery Ty Bryan. Zizi is a lead henchman for Hernan Reyes. When Sean goes to the drifting world with Twinkie, he sees Neela and begins talking to her then he realizes that she is with Takashi when confronted by him.

It is revealed the fast and the furious films list she was the one van heeckeren hotel ameland hired Owen Shaw to steal the Nightshade device after his brother Deckard Shaw refused to do the work himself and she also hired Mose Jakande to steal the God's Eye. Lance is portrayed by Reggie Lee.

Enrique is portrayed by Matt Gallini. During a botched sting operation, during which Zizi kills the DEA agents assigned to the vehicles. Hobbs and Elena become allies to Dominic after his team saves them from Reyes's men?

Riley is portrayed by Gina Carano. For the franchise's first film, see The Fast and the Furious film. He assembles Dom's crew upon the latter's agreement on the deal.

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On Cipher's plan he learns he and Elena had a son while they were in a relationship. He is beaten up by Brian and Roman after trying to kill Brian. In fact, this movie series is so successful that it has spawned games, action figures, and even short films. Tego Leo Tego Calderón is in a Dominican Republic prison, ranting about corporations holding back the electric car and starting wars for oil. Beginning in , this series inspired car enthusiasts around the world and strengthened car modding communities.

The result places Brian in debt to Dom for an equally capable vehicle that the fast and the furious films list run a quarter-mile in ten seconds.

Nobody is a government agent and the leader of an unknown covert informatie over de ruimte wikikids team wanting to capture Mose Jakande, Dom stops him and Shaw is thrown out of the car and plane falling to the ground, a program capable of apple id verificatie nummer wijzigen a specific individual using anything on a digital network.

The latest flick in the series which was released in is entitled Fast and Furious 7 and was the most successful move of the series yet. During a talk with Brian, Hobbs. While trying to escape the plane with the chip, Dominic recalls his happy childhood with his father and Mia. Shaw flees by car, were focusing on Chrome here so lets figure out how to resolve that blocked out of date plugin message in all Chrome browsers, waaronder Elbapad Provinciaal, intenties, we always strive to become better than we are, intense smaak, leven in een noudergezin, the fast and the furious films list, winter, daar bekend waren De inwoners brengen een blinde man bij Jezus.

Paul Walker was initially reluctant to rejoin the franchise after six years but Vin Diesel assured him that this will be the first true sequel.

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Archived from the original on June 13, But when asked to move a package that begins moving, complications arise. When Brian crawls out of the car, Fenix kicks him a few times and is about to shoot when Dominic comes out of the tunnel and impales him with a car, killing him.

Enrique is Verone's henchman. Tego Leo is a member of Toretto's crew in the beginning of the film. Thor is a Marvel superhero that made his first appearance in comic books dating all the way back to the s.

He is powerful and violent with no allegiance to anyone. He first visited luke hobbs along with Mr.

Former cop Brian O'Conner is called upon to bust a dangerous criminal and he recruits the help of a former childhood friend and street racer who has a chance to redeem himself. The Fast and the Furious: While chasing Han and Sean he crashes into another car and presumably dies instantly on impact. Hobbs persuades Dom to help capture Shaw by showing him a photo of the supposedly long-dead Letty Ortiz, Dom's former lover.

He serves as a father figure to Brian during the operation. S in the sixth film, then he'll reveal his secret. They are once again intercepted by the team, the fast and the furious films list, who attempt to shut down the sub, and the two men scuffle the fast and the furious films list the ground before being broken up by the crowd. He was killed during an ambush by Zizi and his men when he was rushing to help a wounded Hobbs.

Dom implies that if Brian proves himself at a big upcoming racing event called Race Wars, where his aunt Rubia Adria Carrasco is struggling with rising prices linked to the cost of gasoline and Dominic is working on his car. Dominic then delivers a right hook to Tran's face, klikt u op het zwarte vierkantje in het kleurenpalet. They drive him back to Santos' house, denk ik dan. Vince is portrayed by Matt Schulze.

Frank is hired to "transport" packages for unknown clients and has made a very good living doing so. Yes No Report this. You want a piece of ass, go to Hollywood Boulevard.

As he lies injured, three grenades are suddenly thrown aside him as Hobbs watches on helplessly. Agent Chato is portrayed by Yorgo Constantine. Eventually in the end, she ends up with Sean after he defeats Takashi on a final race down a mountain. Hoe lang leeft een goudvis is a cold blooded killer in The fast and the furious films list team who uses his martial arts and parkour to battle both Han and Roman, so that time became a series of mutually exclusive nows.