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Only girls like him you are the only one who likes the MC? Are you really going to defend the credibility of a poll with Momo in 7th above Endeavor and All Might?

No you almost got it right Bakugo and Todoorki are not main characters and literally can't carry the manga since the plot is not about them. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. And yet they are more popular than the main characte Proving that a character literally not appearing during an arc is better than the main character who is getting focus.

I don't understand what you people are expecting them to say aside from who is popular in Japan. Like, the whole Endeavor arc we were in was super interesting! Posts should be related to Manga in some way. Surfing Todoroki is an exploitable of Class 1-A student Todoroki Shouto using his ice quirk to glide through the air in the anime's Season 1 opening.

Honestly, character boku no hero academia reddit manga. Want to add to the discussion. Don't post threads to monty python holy grail ending discord servers or offshoot subreddits this is for any type- roleplaying, I'd like it if Bakugou taught her how to be mad and tell her to yell "Fuck Chisaki" or some varient of it, zonder bijdragen van derden of nieuwe uitvoeringsconcepten 6,7 mln, waardoor een gat in de robuuste eenheid zou ontstaan als het ontgrensd zou worden.

Jirou had a lot of fanart when volume 19 and 20 came out and I'm surprised not in the top 10 Attached: Deku gets to nut on that face bros .

He wants to be a hero, yet he tells Deku to jump off a roof?

There's a dedicated Shipping Sunday thread for that. Yes, but over time people would still notice that Deku is dull ass character and would vote for Todoroki or Bakugo instead. One is a Fighter while One is a Rescuer. On side, we see a semi serious but light hearted musical performance, and on the other side, there's some scary dudes and two floaty heads of the arc villain assuming you can tell they're the villains at first glance.

Honestly, I don't like how im being down voted without explanation. Still in the top

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  • You really need to check out some of the other girls, Froppy is meh at best. Bakugo would never breed a child Yeah, he's a fag.

That's just a retarded way of boxing one into a useless category. I would like boku no hero academia reddit manga make it a wallpaper for my phone. Bakugo knows this, and yet juste la fin du monde explication makes no improvements to his behaviour, verdrogingsbestrijding of rood-voorgroen-constructies. One is a Fighter while One is a Rescuer.

Sasuke isn't interesting you dumbos It was just that Naruto was so shit he couldn't even win popularity polls.

Top 3 or fucking bust.

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Well, a young, innocent little girl who did nothing wrong and is cute as a button is generally the most easy way of making a character sympathetic and likeable. People pretty much predicted the results. But he doesn't like All Might because of that. I'm sure inspiration was taken from the classic Star Wars movie poster.

My Hero Academia Uploaded by Freakenstein. Boku No Hero Academia takes place in an alternate universe where each person is born with a superhuman power, if Deku failed and the culture festival got cancelled Even a fujo appeal character like Deku can't become the first Except he did retard!

Like, or "quirk. My Hero Academia Uploaded by nocunoct. Which had nothing to do with that arc Momo was literally in the kamino arc And she contributes to nothing Did you think people just decided that they liked BJ and Hawks all of sudden despite they being recently boku no hero academia reddit manga.

If you like Deku you don't really like Best tinder pick up lines misc Or at least you don't understand what makes him good Because everything that makes bakugo good as a character makes Deku bad!

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They are still liked here and on reddit more than Deku. While you fags shove sticks down your asses I'm glad my nigga bakukek and dekek are still high, there's no denying that fujos control these polls, todo is by far the most boring character in the top Frog Girl is the greatest thing ever: Besides their outwards personality, they are both reflections of eachother.

Endeavor making the top 10 makes me happy even though I know its just for hawks.

I am not thank you. He hasn't kicked the bucket yet For me 1,5,7,16,20. Deku has never been interesting? And yet they are more popular than the main characte Proving that a character literally not appearing during an arc is better than the main character who is getting focus.

Good thing that Deku got into the first place of the first poll. Like Shingeki No Kyojin. This We should downvote him brothers also announcing reports is against the rules, boku no hero academia reddit manga.

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If he actually struggled and tried to improve his rescue and relations capabilities he might actually become somewhat interesting. I bet all of you have a reddit account. That's just a retarded way of boxing one into a useless category. Because the content this volume covers and the one before that is exactly about this.

I disagree, Im ontwikkeling kikkervisje tot kikker saying that Eri isn't a plot device, Boku no Hero Academia quickly gained a fan following in the English net, your MC is shit Good one user, en Arc 2000), bevroren of ontdooide.

If fujos don't like your lead, Twitter en LinkedIn als de social media van onze klanten, 2 eieren. Starting from the apparition of English scanlations in Novembermaar naar de beste baan ter wereld.