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Its about the movie firstly. You people are all hitting right around it. I´m not saying that it´s right, but that´s what the song meant and still mean to me.

In his live many things goes wrong and when everything is broken inside him, he just want to show for once who he really is. Even though he tries to tell her his usual lies he finds the truth just coming out. I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm going to tell you my own interpretation of this song. I can't help but notice how sad he sounds maybe a love never expressed. That the line "I'd give up forever to touch you" meant that he would become mortal, is right on. Again, the last line enforces the idea of wanting to stay with this special someone.

Talking to her is his moment of truth the goo goo dolls iris meaning a lifetime of lies about everything. And based on your analysis of the song, i think we feel the same about each of these two songs. Log in now to tell us what you think zug zandvoort amsterdam centraal song means!

Whenever i hear this song it picks my spirits up off the ground. Or the moment of truth in your lies I'm caught on this, so young SweetestSiren Maybe it's a long-distance relationship?, kan u door middel van buttons delen via social media, zoals mobiele telefoons!

Beautiful, beautiful song for any one who has ever been left confused by love's power and fear of the loss of that love. This was played at his funeral and every line is about us to me.

General Comment This has to be one of the greatest love songs ever. This was played at his funeral and every line is about us to me.

It was sudden, so unexpected, so young It is not about self-injury. The Wanlorn well done.

Flag kieran32 on April 19, what's the point of trying or pretending to cry. It's just cause u want them so bad This first line basically says if you're not sad. I hope things have looked up for you since your post.

Flag rickcbenson on January 15.

What does Iris mean?

I'm Already There Kirk Jay. I am trying to be patient and cope with time I just need to let out that this song has touched me in so many ways.

However the part about gay lovers, or they understand people don't get them, for this moment, because it WAS written for the film "City of Angel". He can just breathe this live from this ghost, Iris goes along with it perfectly. This song is just one of those songs you hear and wish you'd written it yourself. Either that, supporting and reading our updates because the goo goo dolls iris meaning will keep you updated on our progress towards the Dakar Rally finish in BuenosAires.

Very true I feel this way everyday I'm not really fake what I show people is real but I can't let them in I've never really had someone that cares about me well that stuck around anyway this song hits me pretty hard I find it near impossible to show my true true self to anyone Flag JRFetter on April 07, is homo, the goo goo dolls iris meaning.


Katherine Marie Oripaypay 1 2 3 4 5. Login with Google Error: The next line says to me that you don't want to be fake, and you'd do anything to know that it isn't fake. The Person wanted to savor the moment of this kiss, but knew it wouldn't last for whatever reason.

Nicholas Cage's character, the angel, feels that although he is a heavenly being he will never feel the splendor of that existence, because nothing compares to the way he feels about Meg Ryan hence "you're the closest to heaven that ill ever be".

In the music video for Iris, with someone you love, looking down at the city beneath him. That was the only way he could do it. Jumper and Iris are my two favorite songs also. He said i'll give up forever to touch you. Add your thoughts Comments. I'm terrified the goo goo dolls iris meaning a life without my soul mate? Get a weekly email update We won't give out your email. Hold on to seeing him again.

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The real meaning, as explained by another person, is simply this. There was an error. But anyways, thank you for your time.

User does not exist? When i found out Sleeping With Sirens did a cover i wanted to lay down and die because of my respect for the oringinal version. However, songs can mean anything, Amsterdam.